At Nirvana Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation our therapist can perform an assessment which will provide valuable objective information to assess your patient's needs and progress the level of activities.

An individualized plan will be established with home activities and a treatment program that may consist of:

  • Symptom Management Education
  • Balance, Vestibular & Visual Training
  • Manual Therapy to Restore Cervical Function
  • Graded Aerobic Exercises Below the Symptom Sub-Threshold Level
  • Progression of Return to Play Protocols (per FHSAA guidlines)
  • Work Specific Activities

‚ÄčOur experienced therapist work closely with each individual, referring physician, coaches, parents, teachers and employers to make sure the concussed individual is ready to return to play or activity without long-term effects.

Available at our Oviedo clinic
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Concussion Rehabilitation