At Nirvana Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services we utilize state of the art facilities and equipment to assist our clients in reaching their maximum potential during their sessions.  Ever attentive to the need for confidentiality, we have incorporated generously sized, HIPAA compliant private treatment rooms at all of our locations.  We look forward to becoming your provider for all your sports medicine and rehabilitation needs.

Our Mission

Since Nirvana Health Services inception in 1994, we have been successfully providing outstanding care to our clients in the home health setting.  It was during this time that we have become mindful of a continuing need for high quality therapeutic services in our community.

This awareness prompted the development and establishment of Nirvana Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services.  This new addition provides us with the opportunity to complete the continuum of care from the home health setting to any of our outpatient facilities conveniently located throughout the Central Florida area. 

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Why We're Here


“Our mission at Nirvana Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Services is to restore and preserve our patient’s quality of life.  We attain this success through our multifaceted approach of treating the underlying cause of their injury, providing lifestyle modification education, and teaching preventative health. Thereby empowering patients to take ownership of their physical health while simultaneously eliciting a positive effect on the community that we serve.”

At Nirvana Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services our goal is to be the premier rehabilitation provider choice for patients and their referring physicians through the utilization of our clinical expertise and use of evidence-based practice.  We place our patients’ needs first by promoting health and wellness through our programs and treatment modalities.

Our aspiration is to efficiently and effectively assist our patients in reaching their maximum potential while simultaneously providing lifestyle modification education and preventative health instruction.